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Main performance and indicators of fully automatic feeding and cutting pipeline

Main performance and indicators of fully automatic feeding and cutting pipeline

Category:Automated production line
Product description

  Pipe cutting machine automatic production line, configuration: 6m automatic feeding frame (can be adjusted manually and full servo digital adjustment), square tube, round tube, rectangular tube, I-shaped, solid bar, can be automatically loaded, automatic Cutting, automatic feeding.The distributor port is connected to the chamfering machine or the deburring machine, and the robot can carry the pipe to the next process such as the pipe bending machine, the shrinking machine, the piercing machine, the flaring machine, the punching machine, the bending machine, etc. The robot performs the system assembly.

  1. The automatic pipe processing production line adopts advanced CNC numerical control system control to realize automatic uncut production of pipe cutting machine. At the same time, our functional modules adopt universal design, and users can arbitrarily combine and select various functions of pipe cutting machine. Device module such as: pipe cutting machine automatic loading and unloading mechanism (servable automatic control can also be manually adjusted digital), CNC pipe cutting machine, automatic feeder, deburring machine, chamfering machine, robot, pipe bending machine, Washing machine, shrinking machine, flaring machine, punching machine, press bending machine, etc., the above modules can be freely selected by customers according to their needs.

  2. The whole production process is controlled by the numerical control system to control the production. The production process system is stable and easy to operate. It can realize efficient cutting of single or multiple tubes at a time.

  3. The length of the reciprocating pipe is 10-3000mm (other lengths can be customized). The size and quantity of the saw can be set at the same time. The system automatically analyzes and cuts the pipe.

  4. The pipe cutting machine head (circular sawing machine) is a multi-group gear shifting chassis with stable performance and energy saving. The cooling system ensures the reliability and durability of the device.

  5, mechanical movement structure and parts: all of the CNC self-supplied oil lubrication system, so that the mechanical structure movement can guarantee long-term maintenance-free, long service life.

  6. The unique fixture system ensures that the product is not scratched, does not collide, and the process is smoother.

  7. Touch type man-machine interface, automatic pipe cutting machine is easy to operate; and each module system can be operated independently, and can be uniformly matched and maintained conveniently.

  8. Configure the intelligent counter, the data in the production process of the pipe cutting machine can be automatically displayed on the screen panel.

  9. The sawdust and liquid after cutting the pipe cutting machine are equipped with a filtering system, which is centralized, convenient and tidy.


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