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Robot welding station + positioner

Robot welding station + positioner

1.Single-axisservocontrol,horizontalrotation,diameterofturntable1.6m,payload300KG;(turntablediameterandpayloadcanbecustomized)  2.Pre-installedweldingtoolinstallationholeposition;(workclampingmechanismcanbeusedmanuallyorautomatically)  3.Canbedockedwithvariousweldingrobots;  4.Positionercomeswithcontrolunit
Category:Automated production line
Product description

  1. Single-axis servo control, horizontal rotation, diameter of turntable 1.6m, payload 300KG; (turntable diameter and payload can be customized)

  2. Pre-installed welding tool installation hole position; (work clamping mechanism can be used manually or automatically)

  3. Can be docked with various welding robots;

  4. Positioner comes with control unit


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